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I tell this story because it relates to a major problem facing Italian-American writers. Editors, influenced by Hollywood, popular taste, or their own bias, expect goons in action in Italian-American stories. The writer with a thoughtful, literary turn of mind is unlikely to find a sympathetic audience among them.

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Early modernist writers, from Henry James and E. Forster through Arthur Miller, portray Italians and Italian-Americans as violent, primitive, and, if educated, devious. For these writers Italians and Italian-Americans represent animal vitality, but they are clearly shown as brutal, morally stunted, or pathetic remnants of a fallen civilization. In the end, Edward Gibbon's 18th-century classic "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," which reveals great love for empire but disdain for the multicultured Italy of its day, may be a more fundamental part of American bias against Italians and Italian-Americans than "Scarface," "The Godfather," or "The Sopranos.

In TV shows, advertisements, children's cartoons, and even some university programs emphasizing cultural diversity, that bias persists despite the Italian-American intellectual foundation on the grandeur of Dante, the stateliness of Virgil, the experimentation of Pirandello, and the metaphysical complexity of Petrarch and the Troubadours. Italian-Americans are consistently portrayed as either loud or stupidly laconic. Yet their life has evolved from a thoughtful, realistic literary tradition whose strength Boccaccio, Primo Levi, and Italo Calvino derives from humor and intellectual analysis.

Italian-American writers have continued that powerful tradition, at times with Italian-American subjects, at others with purely American themes, as with Don Delillo and Richard Russo, whose novel "Empire Falls," evoking Gibbon but not Italy, won this year's Pulitzer Prize in literature, the first for an Italian-American. While most readers have heard of Mr. Delillo and Mr.

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Russo, few will know Helen Barolini, the dean of Italian-American writers, whose "Umbertina," a novel, "Chiaroscuro," a book of essays, and "More Italian Hours," a recent collection of stories, form a triptych of Italian-American culture evolving through the 20th century. Writers on Italian-American themes are important, too. J Wj "; the classification was invented by Herbert Putnam in , just before he assumed the librarianship of Congress.

It was designed for the purposes and collection of the Library of Congress to replace the fixed location system developed by Thomas Jefferson. By the time Putnam departed from his post in , all the classes except K and parts of B were well developed.

LCC has been criticized for lacking a sound theoretical basis. Although it divides subjects into broad categories, it is enumerative in nature; that is, it provides a guide to the books in one library's collections, not a classification of the world. Others include Medicine R. Subclass AC -- Collections.

Theosophy , etc. Soviet Union. Maps Subclass GA — Mathematical geography. Land use. Social problems. Social reform Subclass HQ — The family. Subclass HT — Communities. Races Subclass HV — Social pathology. Social and public welfare.

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  5. Criminology Subclass HX — Socialism. It was dedicated on September 26, in a ceremony presided over by President of the United States Richard Nixon ; the museum closed in following the opening of an immigration museum on nearby Ellis Island.

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    Truth behind the fiction of Italian-Americans

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    With Devon Jersild , Parini adapted his historical novel Benjamin's Crossing into a screenplay, in pre-production.

    Umbertina: A Novel

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    You're married to a scarier fellow. In response to Mrs. Bush's decision, Parini joined a group of poets that took part in a reading on February 16, at the Congregational Church in Manchester , called "A Poetry Reading in Honor of the Right to Protest as a Patriotic and Historical Tradition"; the event was attended by over people, received national attention, bringing in over 50 reporters and warranting coverage by C-SPAN and 60 Minutes.

    Umbertina: A Novel Umbertina: A Novel
    Umbertina: A Novel Umbertina: A Novel
    Umbertina: A Novel Umbertina: A Novel
    Umbertina: A Novel Umbertina: A Novel
    Umbertina: A Novel Umbertina: A Novel
    Umbertina: A Novel Umbertina: A Novel

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