On Liberty (Annotated)

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Documents of Freedom and Sources Documents of Freedom uses both primary and secondary sources to teach government, economics, and history.

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Primary sources can be found in each unit of study relating to the topic, government policies, or era discussed. Secondary sources will be used to help readers understand the context of the primary sources. Email Address.

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Handbook of Annotated Primary Sources. One Frenchmen by the name of Edouard Rene Laboulaye came up with the idea of presenting United States with a monument representing independence and liberty for which both nations stood for.

On Liberty (Annotated)

Laboulaye had the idea or dream of such a monument, but it was Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, a noted French sculptor who took the idea and designed or sculpted the Statue of Liberty, which was patterned after the 19 th century Roman goddess, Libertas, an idol who stood for freedom.

In the 19 th century, it was very popular for monuments to be massive in size. Since the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France, it was Bartholdi who set sail to America to find the perfect spot for the immense gift that he was drafting.

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While in America, he also had to find financial backers to help support the construction of the work that had to be done. To the sculptor, upon seeing the sights, his thoughts immediately led him to believe that this regal area was the Gateway to America, for in the new world, everything was big, elaborate and expensive, showing that money flowed.

Annotated: Trump's Executive Order On Religious Liberty

The island was the perfect spot for the monument, but getting financial supports proved to be difficult. People were not easily giving up the money even though they wanted the monument, which was originally called Liberty Enlightening the World. In order to get the project underway, it was decided that both France and America would pay for its construction; France paid for the statue, but America had to pay for the foundation it was to stand on, including that of the pedestal.

Monies for this massive creation of art came in the form of fundraisers, here in America and in France.

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Between the fundraisers and the lottery, France paid thousand dollars to get started on their part of the project. Though the statue itself was making remarkable strides in France, In America, the citizens were in disagreement over who should be paying for the fee for the foundation of the monument.

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    On Liberty (Annotated) On Liberty (Annotated)
    On Liberty (Annotated) On Liberty (Annotated)
    On Liberty (Annotated) On Liberty (Annotated)
    On Liberty (Annotated) On Liberty (Annotated)
    On Liberty (Annotated) On Liberty (Annotated)
    On Liberty (Annotated) On Liberty (Annotated)
    On Liberty (Annotated) On Liberty (Annotated)
    On Liberty (Annotated) On Liberty (Annotated)

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