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Share this event. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in. Sign Up. To satiate this curiosity, man explored ways to peek into the future. But can something really help see the future?

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The answers to these questions and many others lie in the world of fortune-telling. Fortune-telling has been practised by man for millennia. According to historians, it dates back to an era when history was not even recorded. It is said that it has its roots in folklore, having been associated with nomads and gypsies and practised by the Egyptians and the Chinese in as early as BC. Of the hundreds of methods of fortune-telling, the most popular ones include astrology, taromancy cards , palmistry, numerology, parrot astrology, face reading, feng shui and clairvoyance among others.

Astrology—the study of the movements of celestial bodies—is one of the most widely practised methods of fortune-telling. It is widely believed that the movement of celestial bodies has an influence on human affairs. Astrology also attempts to interpret the influence of these bodies on human affairs. It is basically numbers so the calculations are the same.

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For instance, in stock market investments, the figures are the same but the forecast is based on the evaluation of the stockbroker. One might say the stocks will be up, another might say it is moderate and not worth it. The onus here is on the understanding and expertise of the stockbroker.

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Some dismiss this practice as a pseudoscience, but experts argue it is backed by science. In astrology, there are two important factors—destiny and free will. One always has the freedom to choose what he wants to do and his destiny is based on these choices.

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  5. We can only predict major events and suggest corrective measures to minimise pain and maximise happiness. Das says astrological predictions are based on karma. They are more or less like a road map. For instance, you have a road map and the GPRS guides you. But human beings are not just satisfied with possibilities. We want to know what lies in these possibilities. On being asked what drives man to know the future, Das says happiness and security. If the desire to be happy is primarily the reason why we seek out the future, curiosity is yet another.

    Define Destiny Define Destiny
    Define Destiny Define Destiny
    Define Destiny Define Destiny
    Define Destiny Define Destiny
    Define Destiny Define Destiny
    Define Destiny Define Destiny

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