Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven)

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Photos depict anonymous Ultherapy patient. Showcasing the talented artisans who will be exhibiting their paintings, pottery, metalwork, folk art, glass, jewelry, yard art and many more goodies. Accepting PreRegistered Cars only. Such efficiency measures are commendable, say authors Gary Hamel and Gary Getz. But frugality is not a growth strategy, they point out, and, in truth, there is very little correlation between corporate performance and the amount spent on innovation.

To produce more growth per dollar invested, companies must produce more innovation per dollar invested. Hamel and Getz explain how businesses can dramatically improve their innovation yields.

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They offer these five imperatives: Increase the number of innovators among existing employees whatever their job titles by involving them in innovation processes and events. Look for innovation sources outside the organization, as well as inside. Increase the learning from small, low-risk experiments. And commit to long-term, consistent development efforts.

As commercial processes commoditize in a developed economy, they are outsourced or transferred offshore, leaving onshore companies with unrelenting, Darwinian pressure to come up with the next wave of innovation. But innovation is a broad term.

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There are many types, from the ballyhooed disruptive innovation to more mundane forms such as process and experiential, which might involve, respectively, doing such things as streamlining the supply chain and delighting customers with small modifications of products. Many executives find it hard to decide which kind to focus on. Eventually, the market reaches the Main Street section of its life, when growth slows, flattens, and finally subsides. Different types of innovation produce more bang for the buck at different points in the life cycle. Disruptive innovation, for example, is rewarded most during the earliest phase.

Once the life cycle advances to Main Street, however, the marketplace is no longer willing to yield the revenue or margin gains necessary to fund that type of innovation, so other forms, including process and experiential, yield better returns. To overcome the inertia demon, managers must introduce new types of innovation while aggressively extracting resources from legacy processes and organizations.

By running the two efforts in parallel, they can defeat the demon and renew the company. Over the past decade, the distribution of household incomes has shifted so much that a much larger proportion of consumers now earn significantly higher-than-average incomes—while still falling short of being truly rich. How can marketers capitalize on this new territory? The key, say the authors, is to rethink the positioning and design of offerings and the ways they can be brought to market.

An example is the Polo shirt. Add some features, and call it a golf shirt. Perhaps no mass retailer has made a stronger bid for the mass affluent than Target Stores, which has pioneered a focus the company itself characterizes as upscale discount. The strategy has made Target an everyday shopping phenomenon among well-heeled urbanites and prosperous professionals. Acquisitions and alliances are two pillars of growth strategy. Consequently, companies take over firms they should have collaborated with, and vice versa, and make a mess of both acquisitions and alliances.

The two strategies differ in many ways: Acquisition deals are competitive, based on market prices, and risky; alliances are cooperative, negotiated, and not so risky. Companies habitually deploy acquisitions to increase scale or cut costs and use partnerships to enter new markets, customer segments, and regions.

If the firm pulls off an alliance or two, it tends to enter into alliances even when circumstances demand acquisitions. Organizational barriers also stand in the way. The two teams work out of different locations, jealously guard turf, and, in effect, prevent companies from comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the strategies. But companies could improve their results, the authors argue, if they compared the two strategies to determine which is best suited to the situation at hand.

Firms such as Cisco that use acquisitions and alliances appropriately grow faster than rivals do. The authors provide a framework to help organizations systematically decide between acquisition and alliance by analyzing three sets of factors: the resources and synergies they desire, the marketplace they compete in, and their competencies at collaborating.

Companies spend billions of dollars on direct marketing, targeting individual customers with ever more accuracy. Many marketers try to minimize costs by pursuing only those customers who are cheap to find and cheap to keep. Others try to get the most customers they possibly can and keep all of them for as long as they can. But a customer need not be loyal to be highly profitable, and many loyal customers turn out to be highly unprofitable.

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  4. Companies can get more out of direct marketing if they see it as a single system for generating profits than if they try to maximize performance measures at each stage of the process. This article describes a tool for doing just that. With data that companies already gather, the tool can show managers how much to spend on acquisition versus retention and even what percentage of their funds they should allocate to the different direct-marketing channels.

    Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven) Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven)
    Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven) Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven)
    Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven) Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven)
    Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven) Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven)
    Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven) Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven)
    Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven) Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven)
    Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven) Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven)
    Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven) Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven)
    Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven)

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