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El vino en la cocina, algunos consejos básicos

Any pill that is strong enough to produce a positive effect is also strong enough to carry a risk. Do your homework and investigate the potential benefits and risks before you buy. Gather evidence-based information from reputable sources. When researching supplements, do what doctors do.

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Look for high-quality clinical studies or clinical reviews of the available evidence published in peer-reviewed journals. You can find many of these journal articles online or by asking a reference librarian at your local library. If reading scientific studies isn't your thing, look to a noncommercial website, produced by the government, a university, or a reputable medical or health-related association, for a summary of the science.


The Internet is a rich source of health information, but it's also a source of misinformation, so be careful. Be upfront with your health care practitioner if you're taking a supplement. Your practitioner can't help you if you don't provide an honest account of everything you're taking — including natural products. Work with your health care provider to determine which supplements might be valuable for you.

Even if your provider isn't familiar with a particular supplement, he or she may access the latest medical guidance about its use and risks or refer you to someone who can.

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Your pharmacist may also be a good resource. Unlike some drugs, supplements aren't intended to cure diseases. Steer clear of products that promise to do so. Also look out for the following claims or buzzwords. Foundation for Educational Excellence. Amazon Smile Fundraiser.

Cocina y Gastronomía | Consejos para hornear postres

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    6 consejos básicos para una decoración de estilo nórdico

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