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At the very least, she insisted that she should wear a bra. Cerie complied, but only barely and continued to wear tight-fitting clothes that encouraged ogling by the others. Liz finally got fed up with this and took Cerie down to the wardrobe to get her some proper attire.

In exchange, Cerie convinced Liz to change her outfit as well, in favor of something she believed would make her more sexually appealing. Liz reluctantly agreed, but strutting about in a slinky dress bearing the words "Dirty Diva" only earned her jeers from her colleagues.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Cerie was a friend and a mentor. Enjoyed her Christmas letters every year. Cerie will be missed. We are not in state at this time, but will be thinking of all her family and friends.

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Rest in Peace Cerie, you will be missed by all, and remain in our hearts and prayers forever Home Obituaries Cerie Garton Obituary. Obituary Send Flowers. Read More. Guest Book.

Not sure what to say? May God bless you and your This name limits your ability to be expressive, imaginative, and versatile. As a result, this limitation causes repression and frustration at times. The more deeply you feel about someone, the harder it is for you to express the little attentions and compliments that mean so much to some people. Since lavish affection embarrasses you, you do not appreciate being the target for endearing words.

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You are not overly conversational; in fact, at times, you consider time wasted when spent in idle chatter. You are more interested in being active and accomplishing the tasks you set for yourself. Your lack of expression can lead to misunderstandings and unhappiness with those close to you who do not understand your practical, candid, somewhat self-centred approach. Humour and spontaneity are not natural expressions of this name.

You are serious and methodical. Practical creativity in such activities as cooking, baking, or fine needle work is of interest to you, since these activities combine mental ingenuity and physical skills. Health weaknesses of this name centre in the head, resulting in such conditions as headaches, sinus problems, weak eyes, or in extreme instances, loss of hearing. Also, your fondness for heavier foods can affect the intestinal organs causing constipation, hemorrhoids, and even in severe cases, ulcers or growths.

Health Analysis.



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