A Song of Suffering

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Yes, it is! It goes on to say…. What in the world?! This makes it sound like the healing is just sitting there waiting for us to accept it. If I had gone into my illness with this theology, my faith would have been crushed and probably destroyed. This is not the kind of song sufferers need. There are plenty of other Christian songs with the same problematic themes. In fact, as I was thinking about this, I was reminded of a song we used to sing in church when I was a kid. If you grew up in church you may have sung it too.

It goes like this…. Yes Lord! Yes, yes Lord!!!

But now that I know what it means to suffer deeply, I see that this is just a super-catchy song full of perfectly empty words! As if we can just decide to trade our suffering away! I wish! God is not a vending machine and our faith is not a bunch of quarters that can get us what we want. The hard reality we need to grapple with is that God never promised us healing on this side of Heaven. Suffering saints die every day, still in the midst of devastating suffering.

For many, deliverance never comes… or rather, never comes in this life. And that my friends, is the answer to the problem of these shallow songs. If we want people to be able to endure deep sorrow with true courage we need to give them a finish line to look forward to. A hope that is strong enough to carry them through even a lifetime of darkness. The only hope I know of that is robust enough to match the depth of our earthly sorrows is Heaven.

And no, even the spiritual growth that came out of my pain is not enough to make it worth it. Only in Heaven will we receive final comfort for our suffering. Only in heaven will we be completely and permanently healed. Then, Jesus will take away our pain. Everything will be made right and all our deepest longings will finally be fulfilled.

Not only will our bodies be made new but the earth itself will also be renewed. We will eat and drink, work and play, love and laugh, in a community of real people on a real earth. No more evil and death, no more sickness and destruction. Only in Heaven will we be able to look back on our stories and see the purpose behind our pain.

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We will see all the ways God was loving us and working for our eternal good even in the midst of crushing circumstances. Until then, we would do best to write compassionate songs that take into account that there exists a kind of suffering that will never be healed on this earth. Even in situations when the healing does come on this side of Heaven we may find that it is not enough to make up for the suffering. I am certainly finding that in my own healing journey. And I hope that you, dear soul, will join me. I created the content and he made it look fancy with his superduper graphic design skills.

Click here to sign up and receive 5 Resources for the Suffering Soul. My Utmost For His Highest is great…. Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying this, Ana!

So thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this. I needed to read it.


The Living Word. Never Once ( A Song for Suffering )

Thanks for sharing this, Ana! Wow, even typing those out really convicted me about checking the theology of the songs I listen to, sing at church, and write! Only the hope of a perfect heaven and new earth with God is! Praying for you, sister! Thanks for this comment Alyssa! Thanks for taking the time to type that out. Love this, Ana!

Thanks so much for sharing sister!

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Ana, your thoughts remind me of an observation Joni Eareckson Tada made several years ago. Yet her physical condition remained unchanged. Great reflections today! I shared it with a friend whose mom has been dealing with disease for several years.

Love you! Great post, Ana! Too true. Laura Story also has encouraging music. I have known this to be true that I read from a Bible scholar who must have also endured much waiting for God to answer his prayers:. The traps were set There was scurrying, fighting, fleeing but what was truly set in motion that day was confinement. It is not wise for a rat to invade a Garden kept by a Master Gardener It is not wise for the rats to steal and believe that all will be well.

Will Judgment come in time? Will it? More rats enter, sacks in hand, ready, more than ready to steal and the innocent are plundered while the Master Gardener watches. When will action be taken?

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When will the greedy thieves be punished, removed? When will the Master Gardener determine that the sooner He acts the better? The innocent are abused, beaten, stolen from, slandered, accused of vile deeds. Is suffering something God enjoys watching? Does He feel like Justice is being done to allow mankind to suffer?

A Song of Suffering A Song of Suffering
A Song of Suffering A Song of Suffering
A Song of Suffering A Song of Suffering
A Song of Suffering A Song of Suffering
A Song of Suffering A Song of Suffering
A Song of Suffering A Song of Suffering
A Song of Suffering A Song of Suffering

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